Pasture to Plate

Lean registered longhorn beef

We are a family operated ranch located in Winnsboro, Texas. We raise grass feed registered Texas longhorn cattle for sale, show, and consumption.

Healthy Texas Longhorn Beef



Did you know that red meat can be included as part of a healthy diet? Thanks to Texas Longhorns, todays health-conscious consumer doesn't have to avoid tender, juicy steaks. Longhorn beef is leaner than other breeds and is lower in saturated fats. Packed full of flavor, Longhorn beef has less cholesterol and calories than white meat. Including lean beef in a heart healthy diet can postitively impact blood cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that eating lean beef can help increase "good" cholesterol and reduce "bad" cholesterol in people with elevated cholesterol levels.

Longhorn Beef Qualities

 Beef is the best source of protein, zinc and vitamin B12 and is the third best source of iron in the food supply. Beef is also a good source of selenium, which may reduce the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer (such as prostate) as well as enhance the body's ability to fight infections. Thats definitely good news for carnivores who crave a healthy lifestyle!

Cooking Tips



Texas Longhorn beef cooks quickly due to its low fat content. Fat acts as an insulator. Heat must penetrate the fat before it begins to cook the meat. Lower fat means faster cook time.

Longhorn beef has little shrinkage.

A meat thermometer is recommended to monitor desired temperature.

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Some of the herd



Rockin F Ranch takes pride in raising our Registered Texas Longhorn herd. We keep a healthy hormone free, grass fed herd. They are treated with respect that they deserve, being the majestic Texas Longhorn that they are.



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